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Looking back on Ottawa Comic Con 2022

Well, Ottawa Comic Con 2022 is over! It was a really good con, and I met a lot of really cool people. To other artists, to people who had bought All Hail The Carrion King last year and came back to say hello (and sometimes buy dead Skin Mask), to people with really awesome costumes, thanks to everyone who came by!

Of the proto-copies of Dead Skin Mask, only three now remain. From now on, the cover will be updated to better reflect the general vibe of the book. However, there are still a few of the spooky scary skeleton version of the cover left, for now. The artwork is still amazing, and I will strive to find use for it in the future. We might well see a t-shirt version when I finally get around to making some of those :)

Thanks to everyone who came by, and a special thank you to the organizers of Ottawa Comic Con!

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