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Dead Skin Mask 

Cuckoos (cuculidae) are interesting birds. Generally of medium-size, slender builds, and grey colouring, they mostly live their lives in trees and eat insects and other such grub. However, many of them are what we call ‘brood parasites’. Meaning, they lay their eggs in the nests of other birds…

Mortimer Aldrichson is one such cuckoo. Born into a human nest that is alien and otherworldy, he has lived among the other ‘birds’ for the entirety of his life. However, the cuckoo is finally hatching… As Mortimer’s life takes a grim turn, it becomes apparent that beneath his socially-awkward, shelf-stacking disguise, there is a vicious and evil creature possessed of a divine wrath and great vengeance. The denizens of the Kingdoms of Men soon become victims to the creature’s foul games, and pawns in its horrid, ideological war waged to prove that everyone is just as twisted and foul as it is…

A brutal, philosophy-saturated tale of murder and rage, ‘Dead Skin Mask’ is a book for mature audiences. Reader discretion is strongly, strongly advised.  


Dead SKin MAsk prototype cover art no author name.png
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