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"When the eyes had been given, and the tongues had been taken, one verse remained on the lips of the knights: ALL HAIL THE CARRION KING"

Check out Thomas Godfrey's debut fantasy dystopia!

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"All Hail The Carrion King"
The words rolled off the lips of the pallid jester that washed up on the shores of Brookshire on that fateful summer evening. A jester, that to all appeared dead, but nonetheless got up and made his way into town. A town on the eastern fringe of the kingdom ruled by the enigmatic and omnipotent tyrant known only as The Carrion King.

In the tavern of Brookshire, The Jester meets another young jester called Isaac, who aspires to perform on the stages of The West. The Jester offers him the opportunity to travel to the very Court of The Carrion King, and to perform them, an opportunity that is every jester's wildest dream.

However, there is a quiet war that rages for the very soul of mortality, a war in which The Jester is an ageless veteran. A war fought on stages, with songs and jokes and stories as weapons. The Carrion King was defied once before, and it is fated that he will be again. Isaac could end this war if he refutes The West and its foul master, but the call of The Carrion King is strong, and many-a-greater man than Isaac has fallen to its temptations over the ages...

"This is an impressive debut, and it has some of the strongest worldbuilding I've ever seen in a self-pub book."
- Klaus, The Contradictorian 

"This was not at all what I expected. I wasn't expecting to take a Jester on his quest to perform very seriously, and I half-expected a lot of silly (but not funny) jokes.
I was wrong. I was so very wrong." 

               - Halah Amin, author of Tower of Dogs.

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