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It's been a bit

Well, I haven't written into this thing in a while! It's been a few months, but I will be striving to post more in this blog from now on!

What has been happening?

Well, I have been working on a few projects. The Court of The Carrion King is now up for free on this website! So those of you who don't have acopy of All Hail The Carrion King can now read and maybe enjoy the little short story that started this whole thing!

As far as other stuff, I am actually at a crossroads of what to publish next. I have a first draft of a fantaasy dystopia with the working title 'We Should Beware of Laughing Men' that is in desperate need of a second draft. However, i might actually put that book off another year and instead work on a project currently called 'The Pontiff of Kitsch'. Not sure yet which, but I need to get a move on regardless!

I will also be uploading a novella I have been working on called 'Seraph of Kitsch' (no realtion to the pontiff) on this website over the next little bit. I am still finalising it. It has some connections to All Hail The Carrion King, and is a cool little read for comutes or whatever. I will probably be doing more of that kind of thing over the years as well, if there is any interest for this. The story itself is very easy to cut up into little serialsed bits like how they used to do it in Dicken's times, and I will be releasing about 6k words a week in neat little episodes. I just need to save up the money to get a cover art done for it, and then we should be good to go!

One last comment is that I now have a youtube channel called: Spookin' Hour Media. I post books review and author updates over there fairly consitently, so check it out!

Thanks everyone! Things are probably going to get busier here soon, and I would be honoured to have you all along for the ride!

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