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Ottawa Comic Con 2022

Once again, I am going to be attending the Ottawa Comic Con as an exhibitor. No, they didn't invite me :(

All joking aside, I've found that going to these kind of in-person selling spaces is the easiest way to move inventory and make connections, and considering I'm going to be needed the space for All Hail The Carrion King second editions, here's to hoping that I can sell my remaining books (probably a fool's hope, but one can dream). It's been great over the last year, meeting people at these kind of cons. So far, I visited the Ottawa one last year and the Toronto Comic con earlier this year. So, if any of you are in Ottawa on the weekend of the 9th, do come on by and say hello. I'd love to meet some readers!

On another note, I will be selling copies of Dead Skin Mask here, with the old cover that it soon to be replaced. They are not the most professional product I've ever made, unfortunately. There was an issue with the bleed on the cover, and so they are a little scruffy, but this will be one of the last ever times to be able to pick up Dead Skin Mask with the original, not-really-genre-appropriate cover, so if that is something that interests you, you should definitely come on by.

As far as other products go there aren't any yet. Maybe next year I'll have T-shirts or something. Maybe little DnD figures of The Carrion King (he'd make a great Lich King or something). But year, wheels are moving again and I'm ready to end this year running!

Alright! Hope to see some people there!

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